Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Messing About on the/ near the River

Kate Humbles inspects a tiny pair of paddles?
Monmouthshire Show 2012
The Youth Rangers attended the Monmouthshire Show in August supporting the AONB unit in publicising the AONB farming awards. The group interviewed the winning farmers and gathered film footage. Dave Jackson form Wildwood coppicing also led two green woodworking workshops for the group. Everyone managed to make a small spoon or were they tiny paddles?!
Looking at river invertebrates
Fly fishing training with the Monnow Rivers Association
Saturday September the 29th the group gathered on the banks of the Monnow. We undertook a survey of river invertebrates and discussed some of the issues which can affect the water quality of the river, and in turn the fish populations.
Tuition in fly fishing included a comprehensive explanation of the types of flies that are' tied,' and the menagerie of animal fur and feathers that are assembled and used to recreate a realistic looking lure or fly. It appears that roosters are breed specifically with the desired neck feathers to replicate distinct species of invertebrate!
Two fish were caught a Salmon Parr by Les and a small trout by Owen.
Our thanks to Frank and Justine and to the Monmouth Angling Association who allowed us access to their fishing spot.
Finally the last spot for messing about on the river took place at Piercefield and Lancaut on the 13th of October.The group under took vegetation management at Lancaut and navigated the 8 miles around to Lower Wyndcliff, passing through Valentine Morris's designed landscape, and increasing their knowledge of the Picturesque movement and the Wye Tour.
 The scree and rock fall at Lancaut


Piercefield House

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