Monday, 6 February 2012

Conservation and First Aid Training at Staunton Meend

Youth Rangers managing vegetation in one of the ponds at Staunton Meend
Sixteen Youth Rangers gathered at Staunton Meend on Saturday 28th of January. The pond was cleared of encroaching vegetation improving the habitat for a wealth of aquatic invertebrates and amphibians.

After exploring the Meend the group set to work removing birch saplings from the grassland. This proved to be extremely hard work, well done everyone for pitching in.
To find out more about Staunton Meend read the fact file on the main Youth Ranger pages.

In the afternoon we all took part in first aid training led by Mark Jessup from Wye Valley Emergency First Aid.

Discussing the contents of a first aid kit
A number of common first aid scenarios were discussed and we practised a ranage of  techniques to employ in common emergency situations.

Dealing with a casualty
This is what the Youth Rangers said about their day.......

We did a bit of orienteering and found the Buckstone which overlooked a beautiful view.
           I discovered all about the Meend and how the community are trying to make it a better habitat.
We discovered different types of leaves on our walk and identified what they were.
           We worked together in a team which helped to get to know each other better than we did before.

            We saw a woodcock which was great because I have never seen one before and would now be   able to recognise one again.

            From the first aid training I feel confident that if an emergency situation arose I would know the appropriate response to take, including not only personally playing a physical role in the situation, but also calling for help etc. 

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