Monday, 6 February 2012

Look out Hollywood the Youth Rangers are coming.........

Setting up
 Saturday the 4th of February  was ...... rolling...
as the Youth Rangers got to grips with creating their own movie magic.

Nathan Williams, from Herefordshire Rural Media Company, was our tutor for the day. The group gained a range of new skills and experience.They were shown how to set up their kit, to frame and link shots and interview technique. The Youth Rangers worked in three separate crews and filmed a scene from Toy Story to practise their filming technique.
In the afternoon they undertook separate shooting assignments. Crew 1   interviewed local historian Liz and Jon Hurley along the Wye. Crew 2 filmed  Liz and Dave Berry in Period costume, capturing the flavour of the Wye Tour at the Kymin. We owe  Iris Price a great debt of gratitude for supplying all the costumes, that created an authentic flavour of the late 1700's.
At Monmouth Canoe Hire the  Crew 3 interviewed the owners Sue and Graham Symmonds, and took to the water complete with head cam!
We are  looking forward to the premiere....roll out the red carpet.

Nathan directing the action

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